Saturday, October 30, 2010

Upper Deck Replaces my Damaged Card

So a couple of months ago when I was trying to complete my 09/10 Upper Deck SP Authentic set I was into buying a lot of Future Watch autos on eBay. It was going very well until I I bought card number 253 - Michael Sauer of the NY Rangers. As I was buying on eBay, I realized that the best way to get the Future Watch cards at a better cost was to buy them all from the same seller if possible so I could save on shipping. I would look up lots of FW autos or I would see that a seller listed a bunch in a row and would try to get all the ones that I was missing. So instead of paying, say, $3 per card extra for shipping, I'd pay $3 for the initial card and maybe $.50 extra for each additional. I was happily completing my set and purchasing the FW autos until the Sauer card arrived to me damaged.

The card was not damaged because of the mail service or bend corners or anything, it was damaged most likely through the packaging process at wherever Upper Deck seals their card packs. The top of the card looked like it got caught in a pack sealer - basically, the whole top looked like the top of a sealed pack would look. It was a card that was damaged from the factory.

Now, in my haste, I did not read the seller's description carefully. I just saw that they were selling a Michael Sauer FW auto along with a bunch of others and decided to just hurry up and get it. Well... when it arrived I saw the flawed card and I was a bit upset. I though, man, this seller just sold me a damaged card. The seller has over 45,000 positive feedbacks and a 100% rating - and I'm the one who gets jipped! I went back to the eBay listing and finally noticed that there was a picture of the card (w/damage - though kind of hard to see on a white background SPA card) and the damage was described in the description. I realized what that I was a bonehead! Shoulda read the item description more carefully!

Anyways, I contacted Upper Deck via their customer service and told them about the card. They promptly gave me a case number and I sent the card in to them. Yesterday I got the replacement AND an extra Future Watch auto!

I've heard that Upper Deck has bad customer support, but my experience has been a very positive one. Their service might have been bad in the past, but my case worked out very well. Thanks UD!

Here's a picture of my two replacements - Chris Butler (939/999) and
Michael Sauer (167/999) along with my 30 year old stuffed animal dog Doggie!

(Boy, two positive UD posts in a row! I'm not a UD homer... really!)

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  1. I opened a case with Upper Deck [Case 41711] over 3 months ago and they have yet to replace my $1400 worth of damaged cards that I receved in a CASE of 2009-10 UD Black cards. The only response I get is that "they are working on it". I sent them back the defective merchandise and they have repeatedly LIED about sending me out replacements. Replacements which I don't really want because they can not replace the same product and I don't want $1400 worth of any other products they produce. The constant response I get is "they're working on it". I'd like to know who handled you customer support case because I can't get anyone to do anything other than tell me "they're working on it". I've already filed reports with the FTC [Federal Trade Commission} and BBB, and am getting ready to file additional reports on fraud alert sites. I'm also trying to speak to local news agencies to bring awareness to the terrible support and complete disregard for the consumer protection act the company has displayed. I would stronly advise people from staying away from their high end products. At least this way if your entire case of cards is damaged, your only out a few bucks and not $1400.