Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Cup Cometh!

Upper Deck has just released their last set of 09/10 - and it's a doozy - The Cup! The price of this product is pretty much insane. Tins of this product are about $350 each. I've been watching box breaks of this product on line and also seeing breaks of this product on The Sports Card Forum and the cards that have been coming out have been really nice.

Though it's really pricey, I saved some money specifically to get some of this product. My local card store told me they couldn't get any in until next week so I did the next best thing... I bought them online! This guy named Chris has a store on the east coast. When you buy from him, you can have him film your box break on video the same day. It's really cool. So I bought a box of The Cup from him and got to see him open it for me on youtube after I got off work. Now I know it's definitely not as good as holding it in your hands and opening it yourself - nothing can beat that - but this was pretty cool still. And it was exciting to watch the video of my tin being opened. Also cool is the comments that people make of the break.

Here's the video of my break!

I was decently happy with my break. It wasn't the best break with a stunning hit or anything, but I think it was a very well rounded and solid break. When I get the cards in the mail I'll do some scans and also write a review. I'm really interested in checking out the Evander Kane patch. It looks like a nasty one! Some people have contacted me about selling or trading for it. Kane is not one of my players I collect so I'd be up for selling it, and possibly trading it for the right card.

If you want check out more box break videos from Chris, click here! You'll also find a link to his card store. He has some good prices! Check him out.

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