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2009-2010 Upper Deck The Cup

Base Card Design -

I've already posted pictures of my break in the post below, so I won't bother posting them in my review. Feel free to scroll down a little bit to check out what this year's most premium cards look like.

This year's Cup design is lackluster in my opinion. I feel like The Cup's base design is neither very pompous or regal - signaling some attempt to make the cards 'fancy' - nor is it clean cut or very modern. It's sort of just there... If I were to see some of these cards and not notice the numbering or how thick it was, I don't think I'd be very impressed with it. I usually really like Upper Deck designs, but the base cards need to just look better. UD should either go for a classy look (think Crown Royal without the die-cut, thin card stock, and cheesy look) or ultra modern and sleek like some of the inserts that you can find in The Cup this year. I think it'd be awesome to create a base card that is just as desired as the rest of the product. These limited base cards go for a decent amount on eBay, I bet they'd be more if they looked better. I mean, come on! There are only 249 of each base card. These things are so much more limited than many serial numbered insert sets. I guess we can all wait and see what they come up with next year in terms of regular base.

The rookie card base design is much better. The card is very clean and feature a patch from clothing that the player wore. Unfortunately, these patches come from photo shoots and are not game worn pieces. That kind of sucks and makes them a bit less cool, but at least they look good. Haha... I wonder if UD will dress up the future rookies in unis that are just covered in patches. That'd be a nice cost cutting measure and provide for a bunch of cool patches... oh well final score:

Base Design Score:

Inserts/Game-used/Autos -

Similar to all the other high end products, The Cup is less base cards in a pack and more insert. And there are a TON of inserts in this year's Cup offering. Many of the inserts are back from the past with a few new additions as well. In my 2 tin breaks I got a Stanley Cup Signatures, Cup Foundations jersey card, Limited Logos, Signature Patches, and a Rookie Masterpieces printing plate.

The general design of most of the inserts is a very clean, mostly white, look. I like it. I like it a lot. These cards have a distinct look to them that really separate them from other inserts from other Upper Deck products. Like I said earlier, I wish the base cards would look more like the inserts.

The design of The Cup allows for large chunks of jersey or patch, but still has enough room for a nice photo of the player. I really appreciate this because I am a firm believer that there should be a picture of the player on the front of the card, unlike those Premier Stitchings cards out of OPC Premier. The cards have a nice modern, uncluttered look to them.

One of the cards that really stood out when I pulled it was the Stanley Cup Signatures card of Bobby Hull. This card featured the full foil treatment and came with a lot of flash. It's a beautiful looking card, and I know that having a complete set of these would look really awesome.

The only cards I don't really like are the 1/1 printing plates. I pulled one and was not overly happy with it. It's kind of neat that it's a 1/1... but why do I not feel that these cards are not that special? Some of the printing plate cards have autographs on them, and I guess that's better... but I just feel underwhelmed with the printing plates. They don't really look that good. Putting these plates in to the packs is an interesting idea, but that idea is getting old. I suggest pulling back from these, or making them truly difficult pulls of the hobby's most select favorite players.

Unfortunately, I have not seen all the different inserts in person, but I've seen many breaks of the cup on line and I can confidently say that I really have enjoyed seeing all the different inserts this year. Kudos to UD on great insert designs. I'm impressed!

Inserts/Game-used/Autos Score:

Overall Rating -

If you can afford to get some of The Cup, then GET SOME OF THE CUP. It's the most exciting product to open hands down. I know that it can definitely break your heart if you get nothing good out of a tin, but that's just the way the hobby is. When I bought my tins, I was prepared to get nothing - but I was happy with some solid hits.

I heard that recent sell data shows that many cards from The Cup (except for the highest end rookies and most limited print run cards) are not selling for outrageous amounts on eBay, and that's OK to me. I just enjoy having these really cool looking cards in my collection. I hope that other mid-level collectors like myself can save up and get some short term excitement from these tins. And hopefully one day pull a card of a lifetime.

Overall Rating:

Two things to end this post. First, I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of the tin that the cards came in. The cards come in a sealed box inside a big metal tin. I always wondered what it said on the back of the little box that held the cards. Did it have some really cool description of the product? Something that hypes up the product so you want to tear the box apart and see what's inside? The answer... no. It just says that the redemptions have time limits on them, and that you better get them redeemed on time. Also all the legal information is on it too. Boring.

And finally, Chris over at D & P cards shot a video of my break. Check it out: HERE!

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